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 CASPer helps programs identify holistically stronger applicants during the admissions process with no additional cost to the program. Sign up for our information webinar to learn more about how CASPer can help your admissions process. 

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How CASPer Works

Applicants visit to create an account and reserve their test from a list of available test dates for the school and program they are applying to.

CASPer has 12 sections. Each section contains a scenario (video or written) and 3 open-ended questions. Responses must be completed within a 5-minute time limit.

Section progress is automatic and CASPer typically takes 60-90 minutes to complete with a 15 minute break halfway through.

Each section of an applicants test is scored by a different rater. This allows for dilution of any biases that one rater’s subjectivity may bring to the table.

The applicant’s z-score is sent automatically to the programs selected for distribution. Test-takers will receive confirmation of score receipt.

The CASPer score becomes an additional piece of information to help programs differentiate between applicants, helping them make a better informed decision on who to admit.

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